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In 2020, Game Changer held the inclusive and interactive 4-day discussion and CAMP (event) to collaborate and share how technology can be used to empower young people and build resilience to polar and extreme ideology and behaviour. The event was open to NGO representatives, youth leaders, academia, activists, industry experts and leaders.

Our CAMP showcased 27+ speakers with a vast array of knowledge and expertise shared the latest research, taught the most effective ways to conduct campaigns, how and why to use gamification to create lasting change and encourage dialogue to help address tough social issues.

Just because you missed our CAMP, doesn't mean you missed out! Each and every session was recorded to be shared with the world in the hopes to provide as much information, perspective and impact as possible.

Our tools

Game Changer is developing an innovative and adaptable city game that helps NGOs, teachers and youth workers to tackle the grievances that can lead to radicalisation.

Change stories

We partnered with youth-focused organisations in France, Greece, Poland and throughout the EU to develop youth-led online campaigns that counter extremist narratives and promote tolerance, civic engagement, social diversity and inclusion.

Q&A with our French Ambassadors of Change
Q&A with our French Ambassadors of Change

Now that almost (but 1) of Game Changer’s campaigns have come to an end, we can now begin to look back and reflect on our campaigns. From our project partners […]

Tackling Hate Speech in France
Tackling Hate Speech in France

With the help of Association Artemis, Game Changer has recruited 4 Ambassadors of Change living in different regions of Paris, France. These 4 Ambassadors of Change will produce a total […]

Proud Stories: Marianna
Proud Stories: Marianna

Impact Hub Athens is proud to promote another Proud Story of a young person in Athens and to ensure their story, experience and perspective is heard. Demographics (Name, Age, Region) […]

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Game Changer is a project funded by the European Union. We provide tools to NGOs, CSOs and young people to run engaging online and offline youth-led social campaigns and gamification to counter radical and polar ideology, extremism and promote tolerance, civic engagement, diversity and inclusion in an increasing digital world.

The project is a partnership of NGOs working with young people, technology experts, media specialists and youth activists based in France, Greece and Poland.

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