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Game Changer is an European Union grant funded project that ultimately provides training tools, field expert support and guidance to NGOs, young people and their influencers. Game Changer will incorporate two main elements; online social media campaigns led by youth and offline City Social Games. Both these initiatives will promote: tolerance, civic engagement, diversity, and inclusion in an increasingly diverse and digitally connected world.

The Game Changer Project is a partnership of NGOs working with young people, technology and field experts, media specialists and youth activists based primarily in France, Greece and Poland.

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Our resources

Game Changer draws on international best practice to develop new resources to help youth activists/leaders and NGOs run online campaigns targeting young people who may be at risk of developing less tolerant, open-minded and inclusive ideology that may ultimately lead to negative actions.

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State of the art analysis

Our analysis provides an extensive review of best practices in both online and offline alternative narrative campaigns aimed at preventing radical ideology and behaviors.


Our handbook provides practical guidance to anyone interested in designing and implementing online campaigns promoting tolerance, civic engagement, diversity and inclusion among young people through the use of alternative narrative campaigns.

Effective communication

Our manual provides a detailed guide and communication strategy for online campaigns that aim to increase dialogue between youth with differing backgrounds, personal preferences and ideologies.


Our report provides an evaluation framework for measuring a campaign's reach, impact and effectiveness. Accurately assessing impact helps us better understand what was truly accomplished, plan for scalability and learning from both our successes and failures.

Join the game

Game Changer is developing an innovative and adaptable social city game, which will help NGOs, field experts, teachers and youth workers to promote civic engagement and address problems affecting young people in their communities at risk for developing intolerance and closed-minded ideals.

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Change stories

Game Changer has begun working with young people (or Ambassadors of Change) in France, Greece and Poland to develop new youth-led social media campaigns that aim to promote tolerance, civic engagement, social diversity and inclusion. Our Ambassadors of Change are creating these campaigns from start to finish, which includes identifying their target audience, their grievance and how to help change the narrative, which includes identifying their target audience, their audience’s grievances and help to create an alternative narrative.

Q&A with our French Ambassadors of Change
Q&A with our French Ambassadors of Change

Now that almost (but 1) of Game Changer’s campaigns have come to an end, we can now begin to look back and reflect on our campaigns. From our project partners […]

Tackling Hate Speech in France
Tackling Hate Speech in France

With the help of Association Artemis, Game Changer has recruited 4 Ambassadors of Change living in different regions of Paris, France. These 4 Ambassadors of Change will produce a total […]

Proud Stories: Marianna
Proud Stories: Marianna

Impact Hub Athens is proud to promote another Proud Story of a young person in Athens and to ensure their story, experience and perspective is heard. Demographics (Name, Age, Region) […]

The Camp

Mid 2020, Game Changer is organising an inclusive and interactive 3-day discussion and CAMP to collaborate and share how technology can be used to empower young people and build resilience to violent extremism. The event is open to NGO representatives, youth leaders, academia, activists, industry experts and leaders.

We will be sharing the latest research (from our State of the Art Analysis), teach the most effective ways to conduct campaigns, how and why to use City Social Games.

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