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Learn more about our campaigns (and games) in our ACTIVITIES LEAFLET, which will help you understand our methodology and vision with these campaigns. Our team will provide tools and trainings to help guide you to guide young people through creating impactful campaigns on a social media platform of their choosing.

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Research and resources for experts and activists

Game Changer draws on international best practices to develop new resources to help young activists and NGOs run youth-led and youth-focused campaigns targeting peers in their local community.

Our research provides an overview and builds upon existing best practices surrounding online and offline campaigns addressing problems of polarisation and radicalisation leading to violence among young people in Europe. This extensive research will ultimately help support and further educate those looking to help create change.

Game Changer’s resources will exist in the following reports/toolkits.

State of the art analysis

Our State of the Art Analysis (or SotA) provides an extensive review of best practices in online and offline alternative narrative campaigns aimed at identifying key factors, contributors and causes of radicalisation and how to prevent them.


Our Training Handbook provides field expert and practical guidance for anyone interested in designing and implementing (primarily youth-led) online campaigns promoting tolerance, civic engagement, diversity and inclusion among young people.

Effective communication

Our Communication Manual shows how to plan, design and implement online alternative narrative campaigns. Developing a thorough communication strategy addressing a voice both internally and externally is vital to the success of these campaigns.


Our Evaluation Manual provides an evaluation framework for planning campaigns with measurement and impact in mind, Helping define and determinewhat questions need to and should be asked of your target audience will also be addressed, which is vital to a successful campaign.

State of the art analysis

How can you begin addressing an issue without understanding what is really going on and what relevant research already exists on the topic?

Our State of the Art Analysis provides an extensive review of best practices; identifying your target audience, developing, implementing and assessing online and offline alternative narrative campaigns as well as providing a deep dive into why young people might develop radical ideology or behavior to begin with.

Drawing on a detailed inventory of past projects, our report analysis what makes an effective social media campaign and identifies gaps in existing research. Our report also presents the most important elements of successful campaigns and discusses elements that can be scaled and reproduced in other cultural contexts.

Training Handbook

You want to run a successful counternarrative campaign, but you don't have the necessary know-how?

Our handbook provides practical guidance to anyone interested in designing and implementing online campaigns promoting tolerance, civic engagement, diversity and inclusion among young people. Our trainings will discuss all aspects of conducting such a campaign. From start to finish, we will cover the basics all the way down to analysis tools and understanding what success may look like to ensure you are running the most effective campaign possible.

Effective communication

You've defined your problem and your goal, but how do you reach and influence your target audience?

Our Communication Manual provides guidance in designing an effective communication strategy for similar online social media campaigns. Ensuring project partners, Ambassadors of Change, experts and anyone involved communicates as one voice is vital for the success of such a campaign. This Manual will not only discuss internal communication between each stakeholder, but will also discuss communication between varying external partners. With an effective communication model in place, communication and processes become more streamlined and success (as you define it) of campaigns becomes more achievable.

About Our Campaign Communication Manual:

Assessing impact

You've run your campaign, but have you truly changed the game?

Our Evaluation Manual provides an evaluation framework for planning, implementing measuring a campaign with reach, impact and effectiveness in mind. Accurately assessing a campaign top to bottom helps to better understand what was truly accomplished, helps plan for scalability, as well as learning and building from both successes and failures.

About Our Evaluation Manual:

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