After the fall

Offline game

After the Fall is a team-based tactical game that aims players to role-play in order to facilitate discussion surrounding the topic of environmental change and activism. The game is for minimum 4 players and 6 non-player participants, acting their roles (this group must be trained by facilitator before the game).

10-13 (with experienced facilitator),
14-17 or 18-29
1 game facilitator
4 to 26, the more the better
(plus 6-9 with specific roles/responsibilities)
4 hours game + 30-45 min. debriefing
Game played in the darkness with flashlights. Preferably: indoors – location with a stairwell, 4 rooms, corridors and cell service or wi-fi access (fi. empty school building). Game can be played outdoors, but a facility with corridors is still required.


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