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Game Changer developed an innovative and adaptable social city game,
which helps NGOs, teachers and youth workers promote civic engagement
and address grievances young people may face in their communities that are
at risk for developing less tolerance and more closed-minded ideals.

Our Social City game is designed with inclusion, open dialogue and
tolerance in mind. Each game will encourage youth to explore their cities
through a different, more understanding and accepting lens. While exploring
their city with this lens and with our support, we believe these young people
can become more open and tolerant to people's differences.

We implore you to learn more about our games below that might peak your
interest. Explore each of our game's plots, social issues addressed the target
audience and various other details addressed by each game below.


Learn more about our games in our ACTIVITIES LEAFLET, which will set the scene, address possible impact, requirements and limitations, which will give you a better understanding of which game is right for you and the young people you work with. We have 6 games pre-created just needing localization and we will be choosing select organisations to create their own games after this first round of games.

Offline games

Offline games short description
Image for game 'After the fall'

After the Fall is a team-based tactical game that aims players to role-play in order to facilitate discussion surrounding the topic of environmental change and activism. The game is for minimum 4 players and 6 non-player participants, acting their roles (this group must be trained by facilitator before the game).

Image for game 'Uncharted'

Uncharted is a team-based exploration game that utilizes roleplaying to focus on the problem of hate speech and negative views towards people with different backgrounds, beliefs, culture, etc. that often results in the development of polar and extreme ideology. Besides 15 to 30 players the game requires 2 additional participants acting their roles in a plot that must be trained by facilitator before the game.

Image for game 'The key of whispersteel'

The Key of Whispersteel is a narrative based role-playing team game set in an urban space, inspired by the popular youth series Locke and Key. It is a modern reality mixed with the themes of a dark, broken fairy tale in which there is a magic of high and unspecified power coming from demons. Besides 4 to 40 players the game requires additional participants (1-2 for 20 players, 3-4 for up to 40 players) acting their roles in a plot that must be trained by facilitator before the game.

Image for game 'Words like Daggers'

Words Like Daggers is a freeform actor game that simulates an online environment to help reveal roots of hate speech and other negative behaviours online. Game players will play as either a streamer or audience members and experience a catastrophic event caused by their actions (or lack thereof).

Online games

Online games short description
Image for game 'Out of the Box'

Out of the box is an online negotiation game that shows polarisation mechanisms, which effectively is one of the biggest factors in the radicalisation process. The rules of the game are easy to learn and also the game’s setting is easy to tweak for players’ needs, as it can easily be modified to tell the story of designing a school, a library, a university campus etc. The game offers an interactive game board on Roll20 and voice channels for discussion on Discord.

Image for game 'After the fall'

After The Fall is an online game that takes place in the world after huge catastrophy. It aimes to show the importance of cooperation for common good. This game is designed for more advanced internet users, since in order to play participants need to use simultaneously 3 different online platforms: to communicate (Discord), to watch videos (Watch2Gether) and to make their moves(Rol20 map).

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