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Game Changer has developed an innovative and adaptable social city game, which helps NGOs, teachers and youth workers promote civic engagement and address grievances young people may face in their communities that are at risk for developing less tolerance and more closed minded ideals.

Our social city game model will be designed with inclusion, open dialogue and tolerance in mind. Each game will encourage youth to explore their cities through a different, more understanding and accepting lens. While exploring their city with this lense and with our support, we believe these young people can become more open and tolerant to people's differences.

Game Changer

Developed by Explore IT, our social city game will be made available to NGOs, academia, teachers, activists and youth workers across Europe that have an interest in changing the negative narrative some younger people may harness.

With the help of ExploreIT, an online configurator (made available through our website) will allow NGOs and activists to customize their very own social city games to target specific grievances youth may be facing in their local communities.

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